Xamleeg is a tiny service that generates you lifetime Magic: the Gathering stats, grouped by Event Formats and Event Types. All you need is to complete few simple steps:

Please, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to get the History information from Plansewalker Points website. Sorry, Internet Explorer users, your browser is not supported.

The first step is to prepare information your Lifetime Planeswalker History from the Planeswalker Points website, so Xamleeg can parse and process it. You need to log in with your DCI and password and go to "History" page, then choose "Events only" filter from drop-down selector menu in the right (like this), we don't need your precious achivements, sorry. Or you can just click this link, it will open "History" page with "Events only" pre-selected for you.

Xamleeg accepts only History data in English, so please, be sure you've selected proper language in the bottom left of the History Page. before proceeding to the next step!

Now you need to obtain all your Lifetime Planeswalker History in text format. Usually you can see many past Events and it will take long enough to exapand them all. That's why use this nice bookmarklet. Drop this button on your Chrome Bookmarks Panel or right-click and add it in Firefox, and then click it on History page — it will expand History in a few seconds.

Now, when you have all you Lifetime History expanded, copy all text on the page. You can quickly select with a shorcut: Ctrl+A, ⌘A for Mac. Then copy it and move to the last step below.

Now paste your Lifetime Planeswalker History into the text field and press Submit!


v0.1.0 — 01.09.2013

Added Stats by Opponent! New tabbed interface for stats.

v0.0.3 — 25.08.2013

Added some description improvemtns — browsers and language warnings, helpful images.

v0.0.2 — 23.08.2013

Fixed parsing of History produced by non-Chrome browsers and fatal parsing failure on "Disqualified" lines.

v0.0.1 — 31.07.2013

Initial release. Basic stats: Overall, by Event Format and by Event Type.


Original code and idea of the similar tool belongs to Benjamin Peebles-Mundy, kudos to him! If you have any ideas, bug reports or just want to thank me (or blame me), feel free to contact me on Twitter, GitHub, by Email or anywhere else on the Internet. Also you can can follow official Xamleeg Twitter, I'll post all news and status updates there!